IHB Electric manufactured the biggest Bulgarian induction electric motors

16 Octomber 2015

In 2015 IHB Electric JSC developed, manufactured and supplied to companies from Bulgaria and other countries from Balkans, group of three-phase induction (asynchronous) electric motors for high voltage with squirrel cage and slip-ring rotors.

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Electric motors are for voltage 6 and 6.3 kV and output at continuous operation mode up to 6 MW. Degree of protection is IP 55 and IP 44, methods of cooling are IC 01, IC 511 and IC 611 and synchronous speed from 500 to 1000 min-1. Mass of motors is up to 15 tones.

These are the biggest induction (asynchronous) motors, developed and manufactured so far in Bulgaria.

IHB Electric, previously named Elprom ZEM, is global supplier of hydro-generators, electric motors and related with them repair activities and services.