Three-phase asynchronous (induction) electric motor series “AОN”

AON type belongs to our general purpose A series, consisting of horizontal, foot-mounted (IM B3, IEC 60034-7) induction machines constructed on the principle of variable modules. AON type is totally enclosed (IP 55, IEC 60034-5), self-ventilated with air-to air heat exchanger (IC 511, IEC 60034-6) and slip-ring rotor.


Rated power (kW)50 - 5000
Rated voltage (V)10500
Degree of protectionIP55
Rated speed (rpm)187,5 - 3000
Duty of operationS1
Frequency (Hz)50, 60
Cooling methodIC 511, IC 611, IC 81W
Height of the axis of rotation (mm)355 - 1000
Form of executionIM B3

In addition to the basic parameters in the table IHB Electric JSC offers different forms of execution and degree of protection upon request.