Asynchronous hydro generators

The asynchronous hydro generators produced by IHB Electric JSC meet the standard requirements of IEC 60034-1 (BDS EN 60034-1) and specific requirements for hydro generators, intended for application in hydro power plants.

Our asynchronous hydro generators feature robust construction adn long operational life. For the manufacturing process we select materials and components of high quality, supplied by worldwide leading manufacturers.

IHB Electric JSC has manufactured and delivered for numerous projects asynchronous hydro generators with various technical parameters that meet the specific requirements and expectations of every customer. Our design units may develop the most suitable machine depending on the needs and characteristics of every single project.

The affordable price and the ease of operation and maintenance make our asynchronous hydro generators excluively suitable for small hydro power plants for up to 1 MW.

Asynchronous (induction) hydro generators of IHB Electric JSC distinguish the following characteristics:


Rated power (kW)50 - 1500
Rated voltage (V)380 - 6300
Rated speed (min-1)300 - 1500
Frequency (Hz)50 - 60
Isolation classF
Degree of protectionIP23 - IP55
Cooling methodIC 01
Bearingssleeve; rolling


Thanks to the wide variety of design solutions and offered accessories, IHB Electric JSC is able to practically meet all requirements of its customers. Along with the indicated above parameters, we may execute many other options in case of inquiry.