Annual preventive maintenance

The durability and reliability of equipment are essential for the operation of hydro power plants. In this regard IHB Electric JSC offers to its customers the service for monitoring and maintenance of equipment. The service is carried out by specially trained professionals who, depending on the specific equipment visit the site and review and perform the needed repairs and replacements of consummables or parts at the hydro power plant.

The volume of activities is wide and varies depending on the installed equipment and devices on the site. Most likely the services includes control of resistances and voltages of the aggregate, checking all the units, functional testing, general review of the aggregate.

This service ensure maintaining of a service file of the aggregate, where all reviews, repairs and actions taken are kept. If our specialists detect a fault, they will provide in shortest terms a prescription for removal of the cause and the needed remedy actions. This way we guarantee extended operational life of the hydro generator, reliable and effective operation of the site equipment, which is a prerequisite for satisfaction and safety of our customers.