Emergency support

Available human and technological resources, efficiency and experience are sufficient evidence of our ability to respond to urgent emergencies. Our contacts with partners in the wider geographical boundaries implies the use of additional resources, special equipment and additional teams and specialists, if necessary.

Whether the accident was due to bad weather, because of internal damage in the plant and installed equipment or other unplanned incident, we will send our emergency team on site to provide the necessary support and assistance for restoration and recovery actions of the hydro power plant.

Our emergency assistance and technical support includes diagnostics of equipment on site, prescriptions for remedy of the fault, repair of stator and rotor, windings recovery, replacement of fans and coolers, balance and alignment. Continuing the tradition of the company, IHB Electric JSC aims to meet customer expectations by offering consistently high level of service. In combination with design units of the company, you get a guaranteed service at your choice - consulting, maintenance, repair.

If you doubt that your local service has the ability to deal with emergencies, to plan the intervals for maintenance and repairs and to manage recovery operations after the damage failure, then it may be time to discuss your options with our experts to respond to emergency situations and support equipment.