Installation and commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment

The field services of IHB Electric JSC include installation and commissioning of hydro generators and large electric motors.  Together with these activities on the site may be need of additional activities, which we proudly offer as an option. We ground on the rich professional experience we gained up to date and the positive impact it has on the provided engineering processes, namely assembly and installation of equipment, which requires highly-qualified staff. Our main and optional services for installation and commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment on the site include at least the following:  

- Assembly and dismantling of electro-mechanical equipment;

- Fault detection and review of stator and rotor;

- Current condition data download and analysis;

- Machining and processing on-site activities;

- Winding isolation restoration and repair;

- Repair of hydro generators;

- Repair of high-voltage electric motors;

- Technical support in damage failure situations;

- Centering and balancing;

- Installation and commissioning of hydro generators;

- Installation and commissioning of electric motors.


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