Repair of electric machines

Repair of rotating electric machines

Generators are critical to your power production. That’s why hydro power producers need a responsive and reliable partner to provide technical solutions. IHB Electric JSC offers unique services to make your generators run safely and reliably. Generator repairs and redesigns by IHB Electric JSC can increase output and improve efficiency.

We have experts in generator repair and remanufacturing with long experience, who are ready to offer the most suitable solution. We are able to perform rotor and stator rewinds at our facilities. On older units, we can perform an upgrade with the latest insulation systems to enable more flexible operation.

Our standard services include:

·         On-site generator evaluation
·         Turnkey dismantling - rewinding - assembly
·         Dry ice cleaning and alternative cleaning processes
·         Routine maintenance and planned inspections
·         Emergency repairs and troubleshooting
·         Site-based repairs including stator coil replacement
·         Shop-based repairs
We offer outage support, emergency service, and generator redesigns to maximize your power production or to extend the life of your generators.

IHB Electric JSC provides comprehensive services covering all types of low- and high-voltage motors including motor rewinds. Our in-house coil manufacturing and test capabilities guarantee a reliable repair of your machines.

IHB Electric JSC offers a complete range of services for low-voltage AC motors, stators and rotors including repair and rewind from 220 V to 400 V at 5060 Hz:

·         Wire wound stators
·         Wire wound rotors
·         Squirrel cage rotor bars
·         Brake and clutch coils
·         Variable speed motors
·         Slip-ring motors

High-voltage AC motor rewinds and repairs from 2000 kV to 13,800 kV at 50/60Hz:

·         Soft and formed coil stators
·         Squirrel cage rotor bars
·         Slip ring rotors

DC motor rewinds and repairs of:

·         Commutators
·         Field coils
·         Armature coils
·         Compensatory windings