Modernization and rehabilitation of hydro generators with efficiency increase

Over 40% of installed hydro generators in Europe and worldwide are more than 35 years old. The market demands for modernization, rehabilitation and capacity increase of already installed generators is mainly focused in Europe and the region.

The continuous research and development and the performed electric and dynamic tests in our laboratories and in our headquarters result in providing a complete overall technical solution adapted to the latest trends in the production of hydro generators.

IHB Electric JSC, thanks to the developed own know-how, protected with patent #65201-2007, offers the service rehabilitation of hydro generators with increase of the efficiency and energy parameters. This effect is achieved by applying an insulation, which during factory test could withstand a voltage of 40 kV. By using the technology under this patent up to date IHB Electric JSC has rehabilitated more than 25 hydro generators with rated power between 4.5 MVA and 235 MVA, rated voltage between 6.3 kV and 19.5 kV, having increased the energy efficiency with up to 14.2%.