Човешки ресурси


We are a rapidly growing company with over 150 professionals, where every employee brings his or her individual potential, performance, knowledge, social engagement and learning attitude into the company.
At IHB Electric JSC we believe that having the best people attracts the best projects and having the best projects attracts the best people. We work in a global environment with a strong focus on the needs of our local clients.
We are a people business in which the company's success rests on the collaborative, professional, innovative and responsible way to work with our clients, each other and our stakeholders. We always aim for the highest level of quality.
We are a responsible employer who fosters a dynamic environment to support the growth and development of the people working for our company.
We offer a range of personal and professional development opportunities. We have in-house programmes to develop our experts and support attendance at relevant courses, conferences and other training events to ensure leading edge development for our talent.
We also offer highly competitive compensation packages, including benefits, along with opportunities for technical training and advancement.
For more information for the vacant positions, please contact us.