Environmental protection policy by IHB Electric JSC JSC

Environmental protection

Being a large manufacturer in the engineering industry in Bulgaria, in IHB Electric JSC we pay special attention to the environmental protection. The main efforts of the company management aim to undertake actions for increasing the energy and water efficiency when using electrical and water resources and gas. The main targets of the company in this direction are:

- Reducing the total consumption of electricity by means of gasification of the manufacturing premises, replacement of the lighting with energy-saving bulbs, exploring the possibility for installing a solar system for hot ater needs;

- Reducing the total water used by optimizing water consumption for industrial use;

- Recruitment of sufficient and detailed information for all relevant environmental aspects in order to improve their management. For thies purpose we collect information for the pollutant emissions into the athmoshere and opportunities for their reduction.  

Great contribution to the environmental protection has our oxygen-free combustion chamber. It is a part of the Global VPI process, but can be used separately. Both ways of application ensure zero harmful emissions released in the athmoshere, because of the specially developed technocolgy for oxygen-free burning processes for various substances.

Outstanding contribution to the environmental protection provides the implemented System  for environmental management ISO 14001.