Technologies and certificates

Technologies and certificates

In our practice we use latest technologies in order to maximize the benefits and operational period of the manufactured and rehabilitated machines. Along with the continuous development, we pay a special attention to the environment and the labor conditions on the territory of the company. Our work processes are certified in accordance to several international standards for quality, health and safety labor conditions and environmental management: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001.

Patent for invention

During the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv in 2006 IHB Electric JSC has officially presented a patent for development of technical invention - "New insulation system for high-voltage stator winding for hydro generators". This patent represents a new type of insulation system, applied in manufacturing and rehabilitation of hydro generators and electric motors. Machines with this insulation applied distinguish with improved energy efficiency up to 14,2%.

Златен медал за „ИХБ Електрик“ АД - Пловдивския панаир

Gold medal

In connection with the official presentation of the patent for technical invention IHB Electric JSC has been awarded with Gold medal and a Diploma. This is great recognitionfor the efforts of the whole team and challenge for future innovations.


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a global alliance with representatives from 148 national standardization organizations from different countries. ISO develops voluntary standards which result in added value to all economic activities.

IHB Electric JSC is certified under the following standards:

ISO 9001

System quality management. This standard, successfully implemented and functioning in IHB Electric JSC, is based on eight key principles - a guarantee for successful management and operation of an organization:

  • customer-oriented;
  • leadership;
  • competence, training and focus on employees;
  • process-based approach;
  • systematic management approach;
  • continuous improvement;
  • fact-based decision making;
  • mutually beneficial supplier relations.

ISO 14001

System for Environmental Management. IHB Electric JSC is concern to achieve and demonstrate a stable environmental system by controlling the impact of our actions, products or services on the environment, taking into account our policy and objectives in environmental protection. We pay a detailed attention to the processes, activities, materials and products used. Through certification of ISO 14001 we prove and demonstrate our responsibility for preserving the environment for our children.

OHSAS 18001

System for management of the health and safety at work. IHB Electric JSC’s commitment includes hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control, conformity assessment; legal requirements, objectives and programs, organization and staff  training, communication and consultation, documents and records; operational control, emergency readiness, monitoring and measurement, investigation of incidents and accidents, corrective and preventive actions, audit and management review.

Hydro Vacuum Pressing insulation system


Global VPI insulation system


Fully automated line for varnish coating