Labor conditions at IHB Electric JSC JSC

Labor conditions

In this direction IHB Electric JSC has established a special policy. Carefully developed monitoring system controls the implementation and execution of the policy and the principles in it, generates anaylis and recommend future improvements and optimizations.

At IHB Electric JSC was implemented a System for occupational health and safety management OHSAS 18001. 


The general objectives of the company in regards to the occupational health and safety include:

  • Improving the labor conditions through regular health control activities (performing Regular medical examinations for the staff), improving the illumination of the workplaces in the manufacturing facilities, improving the overall microclimate in the workshops and all company premises.
  • Reduction of labor accidents and occupational diseases. Particular emphasis on minimizing the risk of damage from electricity and fire at the premises and control of the environmental values at the worplaces.